Helping SMB with a Power of Cloud and advanced IT: Bell Systems Research Institute

Advanced IT including Cloud Computing can be powerful weapons, whereas many of SMBs have not yet fully utilized them because they have a hard time in figuring out it what can be done and how they should be implemented. Bell Systems Research Institute will help solving business issues in SMB by fully utilizing advanced IT and cloud computing in various forms including proving solutions, entrusted development, dispatching expert engineers to meet specific needs.

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Access Map

NCC Tomizawacho Building 3F, 6-4 Tomizawa-cho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo


TEL. 03-5642-6655 , FAX. 03-5642-6656

Line Station Exit No. Walking Distance
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Ningyocho Sta. A4 / A5 3 min.
Kodenmacho Sta. Exit#2 10 min.
Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Suitengu Sta. Exit #7 / #8 10 min.
Toei Asakusa Line Ningyocho Sta. A4 / A5 3 min.
Higashi-Nihonbashi Sta. B1 / B2 9 min.
Toei Shinjuku Line Bakuro-Yokoyama Sta. A3 7 min.
Hamacho Sta. A1 10 min.
JR Sobu Line Bakuryocho Sta. Ext#1 12 min.