Helping SMB with a Power of Cloud and advanced IT: Bell Systems Research Institute

Advanced IT including Cloud Computing can be powerful weapons, whereas many of SMBs have not yet fully utilized them because they have a hard time in figuring out it what can be done and how they should be implemented. Bell Systems Research Institute will help solving business issues in SMB by fully utilizing advanced IT and cloud computing in various forms including proving solutions, entrusted development, dispatching expert engineers to meet specific needs.

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Customer List

ISID InterTechnologies, Ltd.
ICT, Ltd.
Anritsu Corporation
Wits Integration Co., Ltd.
A&I System Co.,Ltd.
SE Capital
NJK Corporation
NTT DATA Coropration (Kansai Branch)
Canon IT Solutions Inc.
Krauss-Maffei Japan
Kodak Co., Ltd.
SAS Institute Inc.
GIS Co., Ltd.
JT Soft Service Co., Ltd.
SHiDAX Corporation
SHIBATSU Corporation
Shingaku-kobo Co., Ltd.
scope Inc.
Seven & i Group Federation of Unions
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
SORUN Corporation
SORUN Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
Chuman Co., Ltd.
DNP Information Systems Co., Ltd.
DNP Digitalcom Co., Ltd.
DTS Corporation
Toshiba Solutions Hanbai Shutoken Co., Ltd.
SGI Japan Ltd.
Nippon Information Industry Corp.
Nihon Densan Kikaku
Nippon RAD Inc.
Business Brain Showa-ota Inc.
Hitachi Solutions Inc.
Hitachi Business Solution Co., Ltd.
HibarinetSystem Co., Ltd.
V Technology Co., Ltd.
Fuji Xerox Learning Institute Inc.
Vendor Service Co., Ltd.
Honda Cars Saitama
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
Miyake Design Studio
Med Support Systems.,co ltd.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Ryoyo Electro Corporation
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History of Bell Systems Research Institute

1986 6 Established at Miyamae-ku in Kawasaki with 8 million yen of capital
TokyoOffice set up at Kudan-shita
10 Research Lab opened at Akebonobashi in Shinjyuku
1988 1 Research Lab moved to Kami-Yogoa in Setagaya
6 Tokyo Office move to Minami Aoyama
1989 4 Application submitted for specified worker dispatching undertaking
6 Tokyo office and Research Lab merged and moved to Aobadasi in Meguro
7 Capital increase to 16 million yen
1994 2 Capital increased to 36 million yen
1998 6 Office moved to Hacchobori in Chuo-ku
11 Capital increased to 48 million yen
1999 8 Office moved to Nihonbashi in Chuo-ku
2002 7 Obtained ISO9001 certificate from JQA
2004 7 Capital increased to 72 million yen
2006 4 Office moved to Tomizawa-cho in Chuo-ku

Bell Systems Research Institute

Trade Name Bell Systems Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Headquarter 2-6-22 Kamiki Miyamae-ku Kawasaki City Kanagawa, Japan
Office NCC Tomizawacho Building 3F Tomizawa-cho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku
Tokyo, Japan
TEL. 03-5642-6655
FAX. 03-5642-6656
Date Established June 3rd, 1986
Capital 72 Million Yen (Capital stock authorized 96 Million yen)
Management President Tadashi Kaneko
Operating Officer Toshihiro Hongo
Number of Employees 50
Banks Mizuho Bank: Kamiyacho Branch
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ: Shintomicho Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation: Tokyo Main Branch
Asahi Trusted Bank: Higashi Nihonbashi Branch
Main Business Planning, Design, Development, and Sales of Software products
Planning, Design, Development, and Sales of electronic application device
Technical consultation for design and development of software
Technical consultation for design and development of ardware
Installation support, Operation support, and Maintenace services

Message from President

President Tadashi Kaneko

President Tadashi Kaneko

Growth and Expansion of information systems has been exceptionally fast since 1986 in which Bell Systems Research Institute was established.
Computer systems that were pretty expensive and large in scale were first used for large corporations’ business information processing and became available and utilized not only for SMB but also individuals thanks to advancement in semiconductor technologies, OS capabilities, and network and tel communications.

Technology advancement and growth in IT industry are similar to the growth of brain cells of a human being. Brain cells of a human being are under control of “OS”, a brain. Suppose small computer is a nucleus of a brain, a network is a cranial nerve. A human being with a small high performance nucleus may be a cell.
Problem is that there is no OS to control a collection of cells. Nuclear and computing system that are great innovation of human beings can be extremely hazardous without proper control and use.
Net society where an individual may not be identified is virtual. It is critical to build a net society that enables individual identification with full security and responsibility. I strongly believe that an engineer in Bell Systems Research Institute must be able to tackle big issues of the information society as a professional in IT by developing highly efficient and secure systems with correct controls, error-free adoption, and effective use of network infrastructure.